Content Guidelines

To ensure the highest standards of quality and relevance in our AI-generated books, please adhere to the following content guidelines when submitting requests:

Acceptable Requests:

  1. Specific or Niche Topics: We encourage requests that are specific or niche, allowing for in-depth exploration and analysis on any general topic.
  2. Text-Based Format: Keep in mind that the output will be in a text-based book format. Therefore, requests should be appropriate to textual representation without the need for extensive visual aids.

Excluded Categories:

  1. Celebrities: Please refrain from requests concerning celebrities to respect their privacy.
  2. Brands and Media: Exclude requests associated with specific brands, companies, media (books/movies/music), or events.
  3. Interactive Guides and Applications: Avoid requests that require interactive guides or applications (like unit/file conversions or calculators) as the output will be in book format.
  4. Copyright or Trademark Infringement: Do not submit requests that may potentially infringe on copyright or trademark laws. Ensure that your requests are original and do not violate the intellectual property rights of others.
  5. Medical or Health Advice: Avoid requests that solicit specific medical or health advice, as this information should come from qualified professionals.
  6. Financial or Legal Guidance: Refrain from requests seeking specific financial or legal guidance, as AI-generated content may not provide accurate or up-to-date information in these complex fields.
  7. Content for Children: Ensure that requests are suitable for all audiences and avoid content targeted specifically at children without appropriate safeguards.
  8. False or Misleading Information: Prohibit requests that may result in the generation of false or misleading information.
  9. Personal Identifiable Information (PII): Avoid requests that may inadvertently lead to the generation of content containing personal identifiable information.
  10. Unethical Practices: Exclude requests that encourage or promote unethical practices, including but not limited to plagiarism, cheating, or illegal activities.
  11. Biased, Sensitive or Controversial Content: Prohibit requests that may lead to biased, sensitive or overly controversial content.

    Additional Notes:

    • Policy Updates: Please note that this content policy may be updated at any time. It is advisable to review the guidelines periodically to stay informed about any changes.
    • Right to Removal: While we make every effort to ensure that every book meets these guidelines before they are generated, we reserve the right to remove books that have already been generated if they are found to violate these guidelines after careful review.

    Instabooks AI is committed to providing valuable, informative, and unbiased content while respecting legal and ethical standards. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the creation of high-quality AI-generated books that cater to a diverse audience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.