Springing Forward in Java

Mastering Spring Boot for Robust Application Development

AI Textbook - 100+ pages

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Master the Integrated Java Universe with Spring Boot

Spring Boot in Java has revolutionized how developers create powerful and efficient applications. With 'Springing Forward in Java: Mastering Spring Boot for Robust Application Development', you delve into the world of streamlined app development like never before. This book offers 12 insightful chapters, each one a stepping stone on your path to mastering Spring Boot, regardless of your current expertise level.

From setting up your development environment to deploying your applications, the comprehensive coverage of this book ensures that both beginners and experts will have something to gain. Clear explanations, insightful examples, and advanced theories converge to provide a unique educational resource that covers practical use-cases and theoretical foundations.

By reading this book, you'll unlock the full potential of this dynamic framework. Whether you're looking to streamline your workflow, enhance scalability, improve security, or simply get up to speed with the latest Java trends, this book is your guide. Embrace the evolving Java landscape with confidence and skill.

Table of Contents

1. The Spring Boot Philosophy
- Understanding Conventions over Configuration
- Design Principles of Spring Boot
- The Impact of Spring Boot in Modern Java

2. Setting up Your Spring Boot Environment
- Installation and Configuration Essentials
- Tools and Editors for Spring Boot Development
- Setting Up for Efficiency

3. Diving Into Spring Boot Basics
- Structuring Your First Spring Boot Application
- Core Components and Auto Configuration
- Understanding Spring Boot Starters

4. Advancing with Spring Boot
- Advanced Configuration and Customization
- Creating your own Starter
- Spring Boot's Approach to Beans and Dependency Injection

5. Data Management in Spring Boot
- Integrating Data Sources with Spring Boot
- Effective ORM with Spring Boot
- Transaction Management Best Practices

6. Building RESTful Services with Spring Boot
- Architecting REST APIs with Spring Boot
- Security Considerations for your APIs
- Testing and Documenting RESTful Services

7. Front-end Integration and MVC Patterns
- Thymeleaf with Spring Boot
- MVC Design Patterns in a Spring Boot Context
- Building a Responsive UI with Spring Boot

8. Security and Authentication
- Implementing OAuth2 and JWT with Spring Boot
- Spring Boot Security Best Practices
- Customizing Security in Your Application

9. Microservices with Spring Boot
- Designing Microservices Using Spring Boot
- Managing Inter-Service Communications
- Leveraging Spring Cloud Components

10. Spring Boot Testing Strategies
- Unit Testing with JUnit and Spring Boot
- Integration Testing for Spring Boot Applications
- Testing in Spring Boot Environment

11. Deploying Spring Boot Applications
- Containerization with Docker
- Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
- Deploying to Cloud Platforms

12. Optimizing and Monitoring Spring Boot Apps
- Performance Tuning Techniques
- Monitoring with Actuator and other Tools
- Best Practices for Application Health and Maintenance

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