Beyond Bias

Navigating the Mind's Hidden Judgments

AI Textbook - 100+ pages

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Explore the escape routes from the labyrinth of our own cognitive biases in this compelling guide. 'Beyond Bias: Navigating the Mind's Hidden Judgments' opens your eyes to the subtle prejudices that frame our decisions and perceptions. The 12 chapters of this book delve into the psychological underpinnings of cognitive biases and offer practical strategies for overcoming them. Perfect for readers of all levels, from those taking their first steps in understanding cognitive psychology to seasoned experts seeking advanced insights, this book provides clear explanations, real-world applications, and the very latest research.

Table of Contents

1. The Invisible Influence
- Unveiling Cognitive Bias
- The Architecture of Belief
- Decision's Silent Partner

2. The Traps of Perception
- Reality through a Biased Lens
- Anchoring and Adjustment
- The Halo Effect

3. Memory's Distortions
- Remembering with Rose-Tinted Glasses
- The Hindsight Bias
- Reconstructive Memory

4. Logic's Shortcuts
- Heuristics: Blessing or Curse?
- Availability Cascade
- The Representative Heuristic

5. Social Judgments and Stereotypes
- Ingroup Favoritism
- The Outgroup Homogeneity Effect
- Stereotypes and Prejudices

6. The Cost of Overconfidence
- The Illusion of Control
- Overestimation of Knowledge
- Dunning-Kruger Effect

7. Rationality in the Real World
- What is Rational Thinking?
- Biases in the Wild
- Cognitive Debiasing Techniques

8. Affect and Emotions
- Emotions as Judgment's Driver
- Mood-Congruent Memory
- The Affect Heuristic

9. Bias in the Information Age
- Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles
- Confirmation Bias Online
- The Spread of Misinformation

10. Risk, Uncertainty, and Biases
- The Search for Certainty
- Risk Assessment Biases
- The Uncertainty Paradox

11. Ethics and Biases
- The Bias of Self Interest
- Moral Licensing
- Unconscious Biases

12. Mastering Mindful Choices
- The Mindful Way Through Biases
- Making Informed Decisions
- Future-Proofing Against Biases

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