.NET Core Unleashed

Mastering Modern Web Development

AI Textbook - 100+ pages

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Embark on a journey through the innovative landscape of .NET Core with '.NET Core Unleashed: Mastering Modern Web Development', where each chapter unfolds the magic of robust web applications. This book is a perfect amalgamation of comprehensive guidelines for beginners and nuanced strategies for seasoned developers. Dive into the world of .NET Core and unravel its capabilities through an array of practical examples, real-world applications, and engaging content.

Table of Contents

1. Fundamentals of .NET Core
- Introduction to .NET Core
- Setting Up the Development Environment
- Understanding .NET Core Architecture

2. CLI Tools and Project Setup
- Command-Line Interface Basics
- Creating Your First .NET Core Project
- Project Configuration and Dependencies

3. Diving into C# with .NET Core
- C# Language Essentials
- Advanced C# Features
- Writing Effective C# Code

4. Data Management and Persistence
- Database Connections
- Entity Framework Core Basics
- Data Migration and Seeding

5. Building Web APIs
- Designing RESTful Services
- Implementing Web API Controllers
- Securing and Versioning APIs

6. Front-End Technologies Integration
- Blazor and .NET Core
- SPA Frameworks with .NET Core
- Responsive Design Principles

7. Cloud Deployment and Services
- Deploying to Azure
- Utilizing Azure Services
- Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

8. Performance Optimization
- Benchmarking and Profiling
- Best Practices for Performance
- Memory and Resource Management

9. Advanced .NET Core Features
- Asynchronous Programming
- Reflection and Metadata
- Custom Middleware Creation

10. Testing and Debugging Techniques
- Unit Testing with xUnit
- Integration Testing Strategies
- Debugging and Troubleshooting

11. Security and Identity Management
- Authentication and Authorization
- JWT and OAuth Implementations
- Securing .NET Core Applications

12. Best Practices and Design Patterns
- Applying SOLID Principles
- Design Patterns in .NET Core
- Clean Code and Refactoring

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