Paddy to Plate: A Journey through Korean Rice Culture

Discover the Centuries-Old Union of Rice and the Korean Way of Life

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Paddy to Plate: A Journey through Korean Rice Culture

Discover the Centuries-Old Union of Rice and the Korean Way of Life

Embark on a gastronomic adventure that unveils the story of rice, the centerpiece of Korean culture and cuisine. 'Paddy to Plate' takes readers through the verdant rice paddies that paint Korea's countryside to the vibrant tables garnished with savory rice dishes. This 12-chapter anthology dives deep into the historical, cultural, and culinary significance of rice in Korea, tasting traditions that span thousands of years.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From rice farming to culinary artistry, explore every aspect of rice in the Korean way of life.
  • Traditional to Modern: Discover classical recipes and modern innovations that showcase rice.
  • Cultural Insights: Understand the socio-economic impact and the rituals that elevate rice beyond mere sustenance.

Featuring authentic recipes, expert interviews, and vivid photography, this book is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts, cultural historians, and anyone eager to experience Korea's soul food. Each chapter is carefully structured—from the basics of rice cultivation to advanced culinary techniques—that cater to beginners and experts alike. 'Paddy to Plate' promises to enrich your knowledge and delight your palate.

Join us as we traverse the fields, markets, and kitchens of Korea, revealing how a simple grain has shaped a nation's identity. Let's celebrate rice, not just as a dish but as a symbol of life, harmony, and prosperity in Korean culture.

Table of Contents

1. The Grain that Shaped a Nation
- History of Rice in Korea
- Rice in Mythology and Tradition
- The Rice Economy

2. From Paddy to Plate: The Agricultural Journey
- Seasons of the Rice Paddy
- Technological Advancements
- Sustainability and the Future

3. The Pillar of Korean Cuisine
- Staple Dishes and Their Origins
- Regional Rice Varieties
- Innovations in Rice Cooking

4. On the Festive Table: Rice in Celebrations
- Ritual Foods and Offerings
- Holiday Cuisine
- Festive Rice-Based Beverages

5. In Every Bowl: The Popular Rice Recipes of Korea
- Bibimbap: Mixed Rice Delight
- Tteok: Rice Cakes for Every Occasion
- Juk: Nourishing Porridges

6. Palaces & Commoners: Rice Dishes Across Classes
- Royal Court Cuisine
- Common Folks' Daily Meals
- The Class Divide in Rice Preparation

7. Kimchi and its Perfect Pair: Rice
- The Art of Kimchi Making
- Pairing Kimchi with Rice
- Kimchi's Place at the Rice Table

8. Masters of the Rice Craft
- Profiles of Renowned Chefs
- Secrets of Rice Mastery
- Contemporary Rice Artisans

9. Rice Beyond Borders
- Korean Rice Dishes Abroad
- Global Influence on Korean Rice Cuisine
- Fusion Rice Creations

10. The Alchemy of Seasoning
- Essential Korean Sauces and Condiments
- Seasoning for Perfection
- Regional Flavor Profiles

11. Healing with Rice
- Rice in Korean Medicine
- Dietary Therapies with Rice
- Wellness Rice Recipes

12. Culminating the Rice Journey: From Ritual to Revolution
- Rice in Contemporary Society
- Revitalizing Traditional Methods
- The New Wave of Rice Cuisine

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