Bronze Age Transdanubia

The Pannonian Culture

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A book on the history of Pannonian culture in Bronze Age Transdanubia should provide a comprehensive overview of this fascinating period in Central European prehistory. It should explore the emergence, development, and decline of Pannonian culture, examining its distinctive characteristics, social structures, and interactions with neighboring cultures.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
- Definition of the Pannonian culture
- Geographical extent of Transdanubia
- Chronological scope of the Bronze Age in Transdanubia

2. Early Bronze Age (2300-1800 BC)
- Emergence of the Vucedol culture
- Characteristics of Vucedol pottery and metalwork
- Social structure and settlement patterns
- Trade and exchange networks

3. Middle Bronze Age (1800-1400 BC)
- Transition from Vucedol to Hatvan culture
- Development of Encrusted Pottery culture
- Introduction of bronze metallurgy
- Elaboration of social hierarchy and elites
- Intensification of trade and cultural interactions

4. Late Bronze Age (1400-1200 BC)
- Arrival of Urnfield culture
- Shift from fortified settlements to open villages
- Decline of Encrusted Pottery culture and adoption of Urnfield pottery
- Continuity and change in social organization and cultural practices
- Integration of Transdanubia into the broader European Bronze Age network

5. Conclusion
- Significance of the Pannonian culture in Bronze Age Europe
- Legacy of the Pannonian culture in later periods

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