Feast of Excess: The Cultural History of Gluttony

From Ancient Indulgence to Modern Obsession

AI Textbook - 100+ pages

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Explore the rich, complex narrative of gluttony from its origins to its current-day implications in "Feast of Excess: The Cultural History of Gluttony." This book is a deep dive into the sociocultural phenomenon that has captivated human history. From opulent feasts in ancient empires to the explosion of the foodie culture in the 21st century, understand how the concept of overindulgence has evolved. Discover the influences of gluttony on art, literature, and morality, and its role in contemporary issues like consumerism and health.

Table of Contents

1. The Birth of Gluttony: Ancient Desires
- Banquets of Babylon
- Roman Excess: A Show of Power
- Religious Feast and Famine

2. Medieval Gluttons: An Era of Contrast
- Knights and Feasts
- Pious Restraint and Carnal Urges
- Folklore of Indulgence

3. Renaissance Revelry: Artistic Appetites
- The Banquet in Paint
- Literary Descriptions of Plenty
- Rebirth of Culinary Exploration

4. Enlightenment and Excess: Thinking and Eating
- Philosopher's Plate
- Diet of the Revolutionaries
- Economic Consumption

5. Industrial Ingestion: Feast of the Masses
- The Mechanization of Eating
- New World Ingredients
- The Beginnings of Fast Food

6. Contemporary Consumption: The Age of Abundance
- Modern Media and Mealtime
- Global Gastronomy
- Health and Hedonism

7. Psychology of Plenty: Understanding Overindulgence
- Mental Triggers for Eating
- Emotional Eating
- The Dieting Cycle

8. Arts of Eating: Food as a Cultural Statement
- Cuisine in Cinema
- From Still Life to Food Photography
- Culinary Arts on the Global Stage

9. Marketing Gluttony: The Business of Overeating
- Advertising and Appetite
- Consumer Culture Cravings
- The Fast Food Empire

10. The Moral Menu: Ethics of Eating
- Food Waste and World Hunger
- Animal Rights and the Meat Industry
- Sustainable Eating Habits

11. Gluttony and Health: A Bitter Aftertaste
- Obesity Epidemic
- Nutrition Science and Superfoods
- The Psychology Behind Diets

12. Future Feasts: Visions of Consumption
- Virtual Reality Dining
- The Evolution of Gastronomy
- Towards Sustainable Indulgences

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