Divine Design: From Eden to Eternity

Tracing God's Desire to Dwell Among Us

AI Textbook - 100+ pages

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Explore the threads of Divine presence that weave through history, from the serenity of the Garden of Eden to the celestial streets of the New Jerusalem. This book brings to life the enduring truth of God's intention to share a living space with His creation. With scriptural foundations, 'Divine Design: From Eden to Eternity' ventures across timelines and testaments to highlight how, despite humanity's shortcomings, God consistently reaches out for communion. Journey through the Tabernacle, walk in the footsteps of Jesus, and gaze into the prophetic vision of Revelation, discovering the golden thread of belonging and fellowship that defines our relationship with the Almighty.

Table of Contents

1. The Garden Communion: Eden's Blueprint
- God Walks with Adam and Eve
- The Significance of Eden's Design
- The Fall: Disruption of Divine Fellowship

2. The Tabernacle: God's Tent Among Us
- Blueprints from the Mountain
- The Holy of Holies: Presence Personified
- Lessons of Atonement and Access

3. The Messiah: Emmanuel, God with Us
- The Incarnation: Heaven Touches Earth
- Christ's Earthly Ministry: A Model for Fellowship
- The Crucifixion: Reconciling Heaven and Humanity

4. Prophetic Visions: New Jerusalem's Invitation
- Revelation's Crystal-Clear Future
- The Bride and the Spirit Say, 'Come!'
- The City of God: Restoration and Perfection

5. Patterns of Presence: Symbols and Shadows
- The Cherubim: Guardian and Guide
- Holy Vestments and Sacred Spaces
- Feasts and Festivals: Celebrating Presence

6. Fulfilled Prophecies: Jesus Fulfills the Law
- The Law as a Tutor
- Scriptural Echoes of Christ
- The Prophetic Feasts and Jesus' Ministry

7. Covenants of Companionship: From Abraham to Christ
- Abrahamic Promise: Seed and Soil
- The Mosaic Covenant: Law and Liberation
- The New Covenant: Spirit and Substance

8. Persistent Pursuit: God's Unchanging Plan
- Covenant Despite Inconstancy
- Redemptive Episodes in History
- The Constant Call to Return

9. From Tabernacle to Temple: Expanding Presence
- Solomon's Glory-Filled Dedication
- The Shekinah Glory: Presence Defined
- The Temple: A Shadow of Things to Come

10. The Life of Jesus: God Dwelling in Flesh
- Miracles Manifesting Presence
- Teachings that Transform
- The Significance of Pentecost

11. Revelation and Reality: The End as the Beginning
- Millennial Reign: Before the New Day
- Judgement and Renewal
- The Eternal State: God All in All

12. Living Temples: The Spirit Within Believers
- The Body as a Temple
- The Spirit's Indwelling: A Foretaste of Glory
- Community and Communion in the Church

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